New design. Stronger resin. Multiple lights. Multiple options.

New design.

Coming soon.

WML Front Post Ring with Green fiber

“Hell yea man awesome work! This is one of the builds I kept running into rail space issues with and you solved that problem real quick!”

sumnlikeaboss27 (IG)

“Thank you for getting it out so quick. I did install it. Easy install and lines up well with rear sight. I like how it indexes off of the rail (if you run the light back enough) and doesn’t allow the sight ring / light bezel turn. Great idea. I wish that I would have thought of it.”

Mike Harvey

“Oh yeah. How has no one thought of this before?”

Evan Dusen

I’m shocked at how solid it is when mounted, put on three different handgaurds and it sits perfect. Killer design man.

Kenny Day

It’s better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.

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